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CHEM 120
Ariel Fenster

1) According to the phase diagram below, which of the following statements is false? a) At the temperature and pressure of point 1, Z can exist as a three-phase system at equilibrium. b) If liquid Z at the pressure and temperature of point 2 is heated, it will undergo evaporation. c) At the temperature of point 5, liquid Z is denser than solid Z. *d) If solid Z at the pressure and temperature of point 3 is heated, it will undergo fusion (melting). d) At the temperature of point 4, the substance Z cannot be liquefied at any pressure. 2) A liquid in a closed container is at equilibrium with its vapor. If the container is briefly opened and some of the vapor is allowed to escape, what is the immediate result? a) vaporization rate increases b) condensation rate increases *c) condensation rate decreases c) vaporization rate decreases d) none of these 3) A liquid will exhibit a concave meniscus and undergo capillary action whenever a) it has a high vapor pressure
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