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Midterm notes

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McGill University
CHEM 180
David Harpp

MIDTERM 1 NOTES CHEM 180 CHEM 180 Lec 1 Environment-efficient use of local resources. *Lamma Island off the coast of Hong Kong is most efficient use of resource -Inner Mongolia is part of China. Capital of Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar -put an end to plastic bags because they get caught in wind and blow 100s of km -In Mongolia the only source of fertilizer is animal crap (yaks, goats, sheep, cashmere goats) Use of resources (Congo Rwanda boarder): -Cassiterite-SnO2 -Mine it for tin in computers, iphones, etc. -it is carried from the source (about 50km) in 40-50Kg packs by hand -there is a village of about 10 000 people that are all miners where the bags are carried to. -problem with this are soldiers on the boarder control it and there are fights -all of this is = to $100 million to the outside while the people who mine get very little. -water suppliers-Coke and Pepsi take water out of taps and sell it for Dasani and Aquafina for 2x the cost/volume of gasoline. *There is a company dedicated to selling curved pipes because they claim that 90 degree pipes will change the bond angle of water to 180 degrees=dead water and therefore unusable water. 1933-1934 Einstein was a professor at Berlin academy of sciences. He didn’t stay as WWII was approaching. Rutherford was president of the academic assistance council to aid displaced academics. They were trying to raise money to get scientists out of Europe so advances that would have been made would be much more difficult to achieve.
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