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CHEM 181
David Harpp

Lecture 5Minerals1 Whatof salt is in most ocean water How much in the Galapagos and the dead sea2 What salts are found in the ocean What is epson salt What is table salt 3 How is limestone formed 4 What crystallizations can you get Give some examples5 What is dolomite Are these safe to use6 When we talk about elements what are we normally referring to Compare elemental and ionic sodium7 What are 2 characteristics of most ionic compounds Are ions conductive8 What are the Uyuni Salt Flats Where else can you find salt9 What is normal BP What is too high What causes it10 What do some people try to substitute salt with11 What is molybdenum and where is it found What is it used for How many do we need a day12 What is iron and how many do we need a day 13 What happens when we dont get enough iron Too much Why Where is iron found in our body What ion does chlorophyll has 14 What is iron best absorbed with Why15 What is geritol Is too much iron good or bad 16 What is porphyria What is it caused by and what does it affect 16 What is zinc and what is it used for What are 4 problems caused by lack of zinc What else could be linked to zinc deficiency How much is needed per day17 What sequesters zinc What else requires zinc Name 3 examples 18 What is iodine What unusual property does it have What happens in iodine deficiency Who discovered it19 Where is iodine added How much iodine is needed per day How much money is required to give every person in the world enough iodine per year What does it prevent20 What is selenium What does it function as Where is it found How much is needed per day21 What is calcium and where is it found How much is needed per day22 What did Dr Sidney Ringer discover 23 How much calcium is recommended for menwomen with age23 What did the Journal of Swimming study discover24 How much calcium do you have to take to be enough Why25 What are low calcium levels linked to What does it cause26 What is osteoporosis and whatof population has it How many hip fractures a year What does it cause What are some risk factors27 What is Dowagers Hump caused by28 What is the resorption in bone for 4050 year old women What about men How long does it take to half bone mass if it decreases 5 per year 29 What does a 10 decrease in hip mass mean How many die within 3 months and
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