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Midterm 1 Answers

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CHEM 181
David Harpp

World of Chem: Food March 9 – Midterm 1 Midterm 1 Answers  Vitamin C may be helpful in the prevention of heart disease because it: prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol  Which of the following statements best describe one of the differences between the fat substitute Olestra and natural fats? o Olestra is derived from natural fats by replacing glucose by sucrose o In Olestra, all the fatty acid chains are unsaturated o Olestra contains more (and shorter) fatty acid chains in its structure than do natural fats o In Olestra, the fatty acid chains are all more than 12 carbons long o Olestra is derived from natural fats by replacing some of the fatty acids by longer ones.  Which of the following is/are the health concerns associated with the use of the fat substitute Olestra? o Vitamin K formed to excess o Increased risk of colon cancer o Increased risk of heart disease o Vitamin A deficiency o Constipation  Which of the following food components are thought to play a significant role in the creation of cataracts? o Certain vitamins o Monosaturated fats o Saturated fats o Sucrose o Trans fats  Which of the following vitamins is potentially the most toxic to humans? o A o C o B1 (thiamin) o B2 (riboflavin) o B3 (niacin)  The process of protein folding is becoming one of the most important topics in chemistry/biochemistry/biology  Which of the following pairs are considered to deliver all the required amino acids? o None on this list o Rice and corn o Rice and beans o Wheat and rice o Potatoes and rice World of Chem: Food March 9 – Midterm 1  The white of an egg is about 90% water.  James Lind carried out a human trial that showed citrus fruits to be effective in preventing scurvy  Some studies have shown an inverse relationship between fish consumption and depression  Inositol pentakisphosphate in beans interferes with the activity of enzymes needed for tumour growth  Which one of these statements concerning the role of fiber in the diet is correct? o Cellulose is one of the main components of fiber o Fiber is stored in the body as energy o Fiber may cause cancer of the colon by producing cancer-causing agents on digestion o Lack of dietary fiber is associated with the nutritional disease Kwashiorkor o Fiber is quickly converted into gas in the lower bowel.  Beef contains more saturated fats than unsaturated by a ratio of about 16/1  Which of the following is correct? o No human studies have yet been carried out to investigate the effect of lowering blood levels of homocysteine
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