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Chem of drugs midterm answers

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McGill University
CHEM 183
David Harpp

Chem of drugs midterm answers 1. In balloon angioplasty, a blocked artery is opened by inflating a balloon at the end of a catheter inserted from the groin. 2. Which of the following is not related? a. Cinchona and quinine b. Foxglove leaves and salicylic acid c. Dropsy and heart failure d. James Simpson and chloroform e. Joseph Lister and carbolic acid (phenol) 3. A decongestant such as phenylephrine constricts blood vessels. 4. The reason that patients taking MAOIs have to stay away from aged cheese is that a. Tyramine in the cheese will not be metabolized properly 5. Some studies on the relationship between coffee and cancer suggest that when applied topically to the skin, caffeine may prevent skin cancer in mice. 6. A person who constantly complains of hearing voices that nobody else hears may be suffering from schizophrenia. 7. Which one of the following statements concerning the drug Losec (omeprazole) is correct? a. Losec has been shown to also act as an androgen antagonist b. Losec works by promoting the production of the prostaglandin protecting the stomach lining c. Losec is one of the antibacterial agents used in the triple therapy treatments of ulcres d. None of the listed statements are correct e. Losec is a histamine H2 receptors antagonist that blocks effectively the production of stomach acid. 8. Which of the following best describes the mode of action of sulfa drugs? a. Sulfa drugs can be easily synthesized from penicillin since they are closely related in structure b. Sulfa drugs kill microorganisms by dehydration c. Sulfa drugs have structures similar to that of penicillin which is a natural protector from invading microorganisms d. Sulfa drugs have structures similar to that of para aminobenzoic acid which is a precursor of folic acid e. Sulfa drugs have structures similar to bacteria and displace them from their receptor sites. 9. Hyperthyroidism would be likely to cause a. Rapid heart beat b. Reduced anxiety c. Skin discolouration d. Addison’s disease e. Weight gain 10. Bovine growth hormone a. Commercially is extracted from cow udders b. Can be detected in the milk of cows treated with it c. Is produced by recombinant DNA technology d. Is widely used in Canada e. Has been shown to cause mastitis in cows 11. Digitalis is used in the treatment of congestive heart disease 12. Women who take post-menopausal estrogen a. Have a reduced risk of uterine cancer b. Have a reduced risk of osteoporosis c. Double their risk of breast cancer d. Experience only a placebo effect e. Are protected against heart disease 13. The birth control pill a. Contains only estrogen b. Prevents the pituitary from releasing FSH c. Blocks the action of progesterone d. Blocks receptor sites for sperm on the egg e. Contains only progesterone 14. Which of the following is correct about allergies? a. Total allergy syndrome affects roughly 10% of the population b. Lactose intolerance is the most common allergy among Asians c. Most allergies are mediated by leukotrienes d. Butterbur may have some effectiveness in the treatment of allergies e. Asthma has no association with allergies 15. Corticosteroids would not be useful in treating a. Eczema b. Crohn’s disease c. Cushing’s syndrome d. Allergies e. Rheumatoid arthritis 16. Cushing’s syndrome a. Can occur as a consequence of using oral cortisone b. Is characterized by a deficiency in thyroid hormone production c. Results in excessive weight loss d. Is usually linked with excessive growth of body hair e. Occurs when the adrenal glands malfunction 17. Montelukast (Singulair) a. Is a steroid b. Induces drowsiness c. Can be used against asthma and some allergies d. Prevents histamine release from mast cells e. Blocks histamine receptors 18. Biomonitoring refers to a. Testing the blood and urine of a sample population for substances known specifically to be carcinogens b. An analysis of disease patterns in a given population c. Feeding substances to test animals to determine their toxicity d. An analysis of “organic” produce to ensure that no pesticides are present e. Testing of the blood and urine of a sample population for potentially toxic substances 19. In the circumstance of a sudden heart attack, the first, most practical treatment would be aspirin 20. The treatment of congestive heart failure with drugs involves a. Blocking of beta receptors in the heart b. Dissolution of blood clots with streptokinase c. Increasing the force of contraction of the heart d. Dilation of blood vessels e. Lowering blood pressure 21. A recent experiment on the effect of caffeine on the sex drive showed that female mice treated with caffeine have an increased sex drive. 22. Blood levels in which one of the following have been linked with respiratory problems? a. Benzopyrene in barbecued hamburgers b. 1,4-Dichlorobenzene in air fresheners c. Dioxins in microwaveable dishes d. Sulfanilamide in antibacterial drugs e. Sulphoraphane in broccoli 23. Which of the following concerning immunotherapy is correct? a. The most widely used technique uses sublingual oral drops b. Allergy shots are ineffective for allergies to stingi
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