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McGill University
CHEM 212
Ariel Fenster

CHE 24: Organic Chemistry I Name Test 3 December 10, 1999 1. Multiple choice. Choose the one best answer. (2 points each) Which -on is the strong-st nucleophile i- aqueous solu-ion? (a) F (b) Cl (c) Br (d) I (e) all of these are equally strong Which of the following statements is true about what a molecular ion is? (a) A compound that lost a pair of electrons (b) A compound that gained a pair of electrons (c) A compound that gained one electron (d) A compound that lost one electron (e) A compound that carries a free radical and a negative charge Which of the following normally occurs in a molecule when a photon of infrared light is absorbed? (a) An electron moves to an orbital of higher potential energy. (b) The vibration energy increases. (c) An electron changes alignment in a magnetic field. (d) The molecule gains an electron. (e) The molecule loses an electron. Which of the electromagnetic spectrum is used in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy? (a) X-ray (b) infrared (c) visible (d) radio (e) ultraviolet Which of the following is not true about Grignard reagents? (a) They are sensitive to water and oxygen. (b) They are strong bases. (c) They must be prepared in ether solutions. (d) They are made with CuI. 2. In organic lab, Helen Wheels combined 2-methyl-2-propanol (1.75 mL, d = 0.775 gmL ) with a catalytic amount of sulfuric and phosphoric acids. She carried out the reflux for an hour, washed her sample with aqueous sodium bicarbonate, dried it over anhydrous sodium sulfate, and then distilled it. (a) If she obtained 0.752 g of p
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