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CHEM223-Up to 1st midterm.doc

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CHEM 223
William C.Galley

stChem 223 Up to 1 Midterm moles water delta HQ Q consumedQ cooled Delta E0Isolated system Delta E0 QAu QH20 nAu Cpm deltaT AunH20 Cpm deltaT H202K B 1V dVdTp CpCvTV BK1V dVdPT The above problems are assignment 1 questions Quarternizationtwo types 1 Cardboard boxBox can be described as an expanding or contracting gas The particle in a box is not done classically In order for waves to exist the boundary limits from a b disregarding the path of the waves The energy levels of the particle that it can take on Particle in a box can only have discrete levels En is the energy level A is the length of the box Energy level spacing goes further and further away in natureWhat happens to energy levels when you make the size of the box double or half it used to beTranslational motion not described2 Harmonic Oscillatordepend more on Bond Order and large molecules Graph Energy vs ldistance between atomsgraph has lines equally spaced En12hvphoton Since n is not squred the energy level is going to be evenly spaced vvibrational constantThe labelling of lines on graph is a way of numbering energy levelsv kforce constant and mmass Reduced massgreater vibration Closer and furtherAtom vibrates the idea of the harmonic oscillator Lower energy levelvibrates a little across close distance Higher energy levelvibrates across longer distanceThe above equations are all about vibrations not translational motion They contribute to heat capacity tooHeat Capacity Translational32R R is the gas constant JmolK
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