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McGill University
CLAS 203

CLAS203 Lecture NotesCLAS203 Lecture 10 Notes ZeusZeus other names include Juppiter Jupiter JoveUpholder of the universedi skyshineGermanic Tiu TuesdayIndic Dyaus Pitar Father SkyCloud gatherer aegisbearing goat skin shield used by Athena as breastplateResides on Mt Olympus born in Mt Dicte born in other genealogies in Mt Ida Symbols Thunderbolt eagle sceptre staff rodSacred animal bullRuler wisdom strength justice dikeZeus xenia guesthost relationshipShrines Dodona OlympiaZeus immortal consortsZeusHera OlympianAres Hephaestus Eliethyia asexualZeusDemeter OlympianPersephoneZeusLeto TitanApollo ArtemisZeusThemis TitanMoirae 3 Horae 3 imposes order on universeZeusDione early hieros gamosAphroditeZeusMetis PersonificationAthenaZeusMnemosyne PersonificationMuses 9ZeusEurynome OceanidGraces 3ZeusMaia NymphHermesZeus mortal consortsZeusSemeleDionysus immortalZeusIoEpaphusZeusEuropaMinos Rhadamanthys SarpedonZeusDanaePerseusZeusLedaDioscuri Castor PolydeucesZeusAlcmenaHeraclesHeraHeras other names JunoName preHellenicRetains power of parthenogenesisCoweyedEarly deity Argos Samos OlympiaArgives GreeksMarriage family hates adulteryDaughter Eileithyia goddess of childbirthPersecutes Zeus mistresses and their childrenLoyal to Zeus no affairsNever addressed as mother or shown with childrenPoseidon and TritonPoseidons other name NeptuneGod of the sea earthquakes horsesEarthshakerPosis Lordde wheatHad a tridentAmphitrite Triton conch o Shapechanger Nereus ProteusSacred animal horse bullTwo navigational hazardsScylla mistress of Poseidon Amphitrite poisons her bathing area changes her into a monster and Charybdis known for her terrible appetite Zeus changes her into a whirlpool straits of Messinabetween Italy and SicilyDemeter Arion the talkinghorseContests Argos Hera Athens AthenePolyphemus Cyclopes and Galatea CLAS203 Lecture 11 NotesThe Forge of HephaestusAlways seen depicted in art with tools which demonstrates his tradeIn many stories Hephaestus made many magicalremarkable items such as the thread to get out of a labyrinthHephaestusOther names include Volcanus VulcanNonGreek originIsland of LemnosTwo variants son of Zeus and Herason of HeraSerious art loveGod of fire and forge useful fire
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