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CLAS 206
Martin Sirois

CLAS 206- Post-quiz #2 from most recent back Zombies  Fundamentally American creation; most unique member of monster pantheon because it entirely skipped literary manifestation  Essence of Zombie is Cannibalism o Examples in Greek myth: Tantalus, Cronus, Laestrygonians  Zombification as Resurrection o Jesus brings Lazarus back to life o Lazarus never speaks  Religion, Magic, Witchcraft, Lucan and Necromancy o Lucan wrote the witch Eritcho  First Portrayal- Eritcho the Witch: shows her as physically zombie like (pale, disheveled), religious subversion, black magic, creature of the night, lives in graves and tombs  Second Portrayal- Eritcho the Necromancer: performs necromantic ritual (empowered, threatens gods, becomes a supernatural being herself), even the gods are afraid of her  Zombie: From Voodoo… to Living Dead o The Magic Island introduces Americans to voodoo culture (1929) o I Am Legend (1954) by Richard Matheson influences many works  Including The Last Man on Earth, Omega Man, I Am Legend, and George Romero‟s Night of the Living Dead o First Film roots of zombies occur in 1930s with Victor Halperin‟s White Zombie & Revolt of the Zombies o First Wave expressed imperialist anxieties associated with colonialism and slavery  Themes: voodoo, hypnotism, scientific experiments gone awry o 1960s- First Romero Night of the Living Dead- animated corpses due to radiation from space probe (influenced by space exploration anxieties) o 1970s- Romero‟s The Crazies and Dawn of the Living Dead (cause of zombies unknown) o 1980s- Classical Peak  Michael Jackson‟s Thriller music video  Zombies talk and introduction of eating of human brains  Abuse of Romero‟s generic rules for zombies  Zombie myths of Caribbean debunked by Wade Davis o From then on, contagious infection or the eating of human flesh; virus-like reproduction of “enslaved” zombies o Biochemical catastrophe, genetic research gone wrong o Causes go from ritual magic to man-made and scenario and setting changes to after-effects of war, post-apocalyptic, after a natural or scientific disaster o Parodying peak in 1990s- due to Cold War being over along with Star Wars program and Clinton era starting, anxieties are lessened o Renaissance- 446 titles since 2000; genre evolves into a social critique that moralizes and looks at human beings‟ wrongdoings  Why the Buzz over zombies? o Zombies evolve from humans, so we manifest our fear and anxieties of a given time period into the zombie because it embodies „us gone wrong‟  Characteristics of a Zombie o Tireless, relentless, merciless cannibals, no emotion or reason, near-or- post-apocalyptic setting, infection is rabies-like, showing aggressive behavior, end of the world metaphors  Society‟s Breakdown: o Thucydides The Plague of Athens (430 BCE)  Goal of work was to warn people and prevent another outburst by providing a kind of survival guide  Gave description of symptoms; invasion of the body  Doctors were unable to figure it out, so they died more quickly  Supplications and religious sentiments were useless  Evolution of the disease from head to extremities  Despair; chaos; lawlessness o Socio-Political upheaval caused by zombies  Society‟s cohesion threatened; mass media silenced; political shutdown; economic meltdown; healthcare unavailable; social isolation; survivors have to work cohesively to stay alive o Remedy: “Only cooperation will redeem Humanity” –Bertrand Russell Star Wars and the Roman World  JFK believe that myths were the antithesis to truth, but J.R.R. Tolkien believed myths were made up mostly of truth  Today myths exist in the realm of Science Fiction  1. Cosmology of Star Wars o Cosmology= how we make sense of the universe and of existence o In Star Wars, cosmology is the Force o The Force: bonds all living things, is omnipresent, has two sides and potential for good or evil; binary o Dark vs. Light dualistic view of the universe o Persian Roots of this Dualism- Zoroastrianism  Achaemenids viewed the universe as arta (light, truth) vs. drauga (dark, lies)  Persian kings had to ensure arta in kingdom and restore balance o The Stoics and Star Wars  Jedi Code resembles code of Stoics  Peace, knowledge, serenity, harmony, the Force, attaining virtue through even calmness- kanuma (breath) kept kosmos functioning  Yoda is ideal Stoic  2. Republic to Empire, Ancient, and Galactic o Transition of Republic to Empire in Star Wars is derived from story of Ancient Rome  Biggest parallel: transition was gradual from democracy to autocracy o Coruscant- Galactic city; Star Wars embodiment of Rome  Senate played a big role in both cities  Divided by two opposing factions- republicans and autocrats o Episode I: Rome 88-44 BCE  Minor crises gets blown out of proportion  Palpatine and Roman aristocrats manipulated politics  Palpatine becomes chancellor, Caesar becomes dictator for life o Episode II: Rome 44-30 BCE  Caesar/Augustus=Palpatine  Separation in Republic & in Rome (Augustus/Marc Antony)  Façade of democracy; in reality manipulated dictatorship o Episode III: Rome 33-14 AD  Rise into full scale empire, no democracy or republic  Consolidation of power (Anakin & Palpatine)  Actium in Star Wars; Augustus vs. Marc Antony & Mace Windu vs. Palpatine  After battle Palpatine becomes Sith Lord; Octavian becomes Augustus  Order 66= Proscriptions- order to kill all the Jedi  Notion that the Roman Empire is the empire to model all future ones after  Coruscant as Rome- center of the empire, center of the universe o Notion that Emperor maintains balance in the universe (Augustus sees himself as this figure)  Grandeur and Scale o Rome was immense o Entertainment; Roman gladiators and Star Wars pod races o Arena and Spectacle o Droids= slaves  Big Battles fought in far away places  Star Wars and history: three first films came out in the thick of the Cold War  The Story of Star Wars is the story of the triumph of American capitalism, individualism, and democracy in the face of totalitarian imperialism Greek Tragedy & The Bacchae  TragedyDionysus; his altars; his worship  Origins: o Aristotle started it with chorus line and beginning of actors o Aeschylus added a second actor; Sophocles adds a third and scenery  Greek masks are realistic and linked back to Dionysus being able to suspend reality  Aristotle‟s Poetics o Peripeteia must occur at the same time as anagnorisis (reversal of fortune at same time as recognition  Hamartia: means „sin‟ in later Greek but in early Greek means „mistake‟ or „missed the mark‟  Euripides‟ Bacchae (405 BCE) o Dionysus comes to Thebes because king Pentheus is denouncing him as a god; warns him through many forms to recognize him as a god; Pentheus refuses; Dionysus sends women of Thebes crazy into the mountains; Dionysus, disguised offers Pentheus a way to see the ecstatic Bacchae who are headed for Thebes; Pentheus dresses up as a
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