COMP 202 Study Guide - Final Guide: Cheat Sheet, Infinite Loop, The Possession

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COMP 202 Full Course Notes
COMP 202 Full Course Notes
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Comp-202 - foundations of programming (winter 2017) - all sections. Giulia alberini [section 3 mwf (9:35-10:25): do not turn this page until instructed, this is a closed book examination; only a legal-sized (8. 5 by 14 ) crib sheet is permitted. This crib sheet can be single or double-sided; it can be handwritten or typed. Non-electronic translation dictionaries are permitted, but instructors and invigilators reserve the right to inspect them at any time during the examination: besides the above, only writing implements (pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, etc. ) are allowed. The possession of any other tools or devices is prohibited: answer all questions on the answer sheet, this examination has 14 pages including this cover page, and is printed on both sides of the paper. 13, you will nd information about useful classes and methods. You may detach the appendix (page 13 onwards) from the examination if you wish.

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