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Curriculum and Instruction
EDEC 247
Tino Bordonaro

The Beginnings of Education in Québec Overview 1. The French Regime (1663-1760) 2. The Conquest (1760) 3. The Québec Act (1774) 4. Education in the British Regime (1763) 5. The Durham Report (1839) 1.The French Regime (1608-1760) a) The French arrive in Québec (after Christopher Columbus set out to find the “New World” in 1492) i. Due to economic and religious reasons ii. In search of Asia  Indians, ‘Lachine’ b) Education in New France (The inaccessibility of the education system resulted in an illiterate population and no printing press in New France- “learning can go no further than a written word takes it.”) Primary: only for the high class Secondary: non-existent College: limited purposes i. Pre-French regime- education was handled by Elders, not systematic ii. education was low in priorities after settlement iii. education was private and for boys only iv. purpose was to create order, missionary purposes v. regime was private and religious 1.Served for young minds to serve as clerical and religious purpose  create priests, nuns and nurses (there were very few professions other than these jobs, such as medicine and legal services). - The kingdoms that sent out explorers were very competitive. - Most of the explorers were from places that were developing at a faster rate. They therefore wanted more land. - Jacques Cartier was the explorer for France- 3 trips: 1534, 1535, 1539. - His expedition was due to: 1) The renaissance, which was a time of technological growth and the beginning of the world as we know it today (Da Vinci). 2) The passage to the East was conquered by the Turks and the other routes were long and dangerous so they needed a better route. - He went to find: 1) a route to the Far East (China & India) 2) spices (used to preserve food) and silk (better material than wool) 3
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