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EDEC 247
Tino Bordonaro

The Beginnings of Education in QubecRegime period set by new policiesInstitutionalized Education Reflected strength of the Roman Catholic Church as an institution and the Protestant Church which challenged CatholicismCreated a big educational bureaucracy in Quebec1The French Regime 16081760aThe French arrive in QubecPermanent settlement led to education French arrived in Canada for the fur trade and religion followed1517 Protestant Education Movement and religious wars in EuropeQuebec was first settlement bc it was ideal location for fur trade and protected trading posts The religious missionaries followedLouis xvi created a govt in New France composed of a governor foreign affairs and intendant local affairs incl edu No separation of churchstatebEducation in New France NFExclusive for the few costly and few girlsAttended seminary to become priest beneficial bc created local priests to serve the locals Also able to become notaries doctors and lawyersRun by the Catholic Church2The Conquest 1760aNew France becomes a British ColonyQuebec city is conquered by BritishBritish turn interests on Montreal and Montreal surrenders conditionally Do not deport us like you did to the Acadians British agreed and these were called the Articles of Capitulation1Education ceased to exist bc Church lost significance and edu was stnot a mission except to save the 1 nations peoplebThe English in QubecResponsible for politics mercenary concerns esp fur trade and all institutionsEducation not a prioritycThe French in QubecTurned to land and cradle This meant they farmed and increased their population aka Revenge of the Cradle to try to become a majority in a English land3The Qubec Act 1774Represented a period of dissonancestate of confusion btw opposing forcesaThe American Revolution and the War of IndependenceFrench surrendered land to British 1763 after ConquestBritish resented that Americans couldnt win war on their own Quebec fell but Americans now had to pay for security that Britain provided They taxed Americans and Americans resented itbThe Qubec Act of 1774It was the last coercive or intolerable Act that led to the RevolutionThe Act enlarged Quebec land to include the Ohio valley and protected the civil code language and religion of French in QC4Education in the British Regime 1763aConstitutional Act 1791 Scottish influential in British Education ie kilts in private schoolsPromoted factory model of education reflecting the enlightened and industrial ideals of the timemass produced education for allEncouraged British youth to attend school2In Upper ONLower Canada QC local matters were given to local assemblies incl educationFederated local education system was the beginning of the provincial education system we have todaybAct for the Est of Free Schools and the Adv of Learning 1801Freepublic not necessarily compulsory but availableAdvancement of learninghigher education ex McGillPopular among British and unpopular among French bc they saw the schools as vehicles of assimilation by the BritishFrench education systems remain separate and Catholic and BritshProtestant schools become Royal SchoolscFabriques Act 1824Fabriquesparish schoolsAllows French Canadians to establish local schools in each ParishNot successful bc needed moneydSyndics Act 1829Provided funding w strings attachedMoney given to trusties or school board commissioners aka school boards or syndics who were responsible for educational resources and provided accountability5The Durham Report 1839 aRecommendations regarding the political situationBritish at loss bc of conflicts in Canada the result of opposing ideasEstablished Royal Committee chaired by Lord Durham who was popular to all bc he was for the people and proBritishDurham found people at odds in QC French Canadians at odds w British govt They were tied to the land and not progressing as British subjects He saw this as a problem of class divisions enforced by linguisticreligious differences3
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