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Dagon spo. ng in china: di erent times di erent places. Dagon spotting in china: different times different places: the steppe region, the snow region, the yellow river, the dynasty cycle. Lecture outline: why dragons , destabilizing china, 1. language & romanization, 2. Dragons: belief in dragon is real back in the imperial time, challenges: recognize if we live in china in the pre modern time; would acknowledge that they are real, concept of the mandate of heaven. Dragons are double edge sword: mongols"s chinese subject. When is china: now? or other period in history, 5000 years of un interrupted history and the yellow emperor. Never existed: uninterrupted dynamic history 221 bec-1911ce. Dynasty: family who retained the emperor, convenient fiction a given family given to rule. Wednesday, sept 7th: geography, sense of history. Language and romanization: very diverse; different dialects, powerful tool for political unity, pinyin vs wade-giles. The chinese diaspora: china on the move.

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