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EAST 211
Midterm Review
*In-class midterm review: February 7, 2012
Three sections:
1. Multiple choice: answer 15 out of 20 questions (each worth 2 points; worth
30% altogether)
2. Short ID: answer 7 out of 10 questions (each worth 5 points; worth 35%
(same as in the quiz, just slightly longer)
3. Essay: answer one out of 3 choices (worth 35% altogether); essay questions
will deal with broad themes that we have returned to over the course of the
semester thus far- for example, conceptions of kingship; the meaning of the good
or moral life; the relationship between literature/culture and politics
*Note: The exam will be cumulative, with a slight emphasis on materials that we have
covered after the first quiz (that is, the First Emperor of Qin and after). Additionally, the
exam is not open-book; you will not be allowed to use paper or electronic resources
during the exam.
The study guides (Weeks 1 through 5) summarize the material that will be covered on the
exam. However, the study guides are not a substitute for attending class and completing
the assigned readings, which provide more detailed treatments of the topics summarized
or listed on the weekly study guides.
The major topic areas covered by the midterm and summarized in detail in the study
guides include:
-Legendary culture heroes/myths
-Neolithic Cultures
-Shang dynasty (politics, religion, culture)
-Western Zhou (foundation, models of kingship, art)
-Eastern Zhou (Spring and Autumn Period, Warring States Period)
-“Hundred Schools of Thought”)
-Classic of Poetry
-Songs of the South and Chu
-Qin Dynasty (First Emperor, the successes and failures of the first empire)
-Western Han (foundation, “Confucian” ruling ideology, expansion under Emperor Wu,
economy, foreign relations, Wang Mang)
-Eastern Han (manor system)
-Syncretism (yin-yang, Classic of Changes)
-Historical writing under the Han
-The poetic exposition/rhapsody (fu)
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