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McGill University
Economics (Arts)
ECON 227D1
Kenneth Mac Kenzie

1At the Eurelian Space Agency a test was performed to determine the usefulness of a new training systemHalf of the subjects received the training and half did notThey were then all tested and each subject was given a score from 0 to 60aOne of the following data sets is a stemandleaf diagram of the scoresIf the training system is really effective which of the following data sets is more likely to be the resultGive a reason for your answer 4084085552188662198864402984027339773373149773148854225622597536765536iii219637sx219637sx1122 bUse Tukeys method to find the fivepoint summary of data set iithcUse the interpolation method to find the 60 percentile of data set iidWhat is the proportion of the data in data set i within one standard deviation of the meaneHow many of the data in data set i have zscores bigger than 15fWhat are the mean and standard deviation of the set of zscores for data set iiBy the way I do not expect you to calculate all of the zscores
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