RELG 271 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Trophy Wife, Proverbs 31, William Kennedy Smith

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It is about human action, about right or wrong: normativity is the concern for what people ought to value and what they ought to do. In ethics, we try to: practical reason is the human capacity to resolve through reflection and deliberation the question of what stay away from the normative (cid:494)ought(cid:495) and (cid:494)should(cid:495). to do, of our next act. Consequentialists are more concerned with outcomes, especially the good outcomes: teleological oriented toward a (cid:494)good(cid:495) end (cid:523)augustine(cid:524). All major religions have a teleology to them: virtue moral character (aristotle, aquinas). E. g. good moral habits: consequentialist morality of an action is contingent on its outcome or results (stuart mill, nussbaum). Utilitarianism best actions result in most happiness for the greatest number of people. Welfarism best actions increase economic well-being: deontological moral decision-making is based on duties and obligations toward the rights and entitlements of others; (cid:494)the right(cid:495) is prior to (cid:494)the good(cid:495) (cid:523)kant, locke, rawls(cid:524).

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