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Midterm Notes

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Elementary Education
EDEE 280
Paul Zanazanian

EDEE 280Geography History and Citizenship EducationPaul ZanazanianWinter 2013 UNIT 1 THE NUTS AND BOLTS OF SOCIAL STUDIES MIDTERM NOTESHistoryhistory involves o imagining the pastall of its events leading to the presentinto the future o understanding past events o remembering the pastits preserved knowledgeeventstrends the past is not the same as history o past what happened o history what we sharetell about the evidence of what we think happenedhistorians hurdles o distancebetween past and present what happened vs today o choiceshow to make the past coherento interpretive lensesworldview what stance they will take whymake sense of timegive meaning to oneselffamilycommunitysocietyworldwhy teach history o Parker 2012judgement empathyselfknowledge imagination agency the long view o WrightHutchinson 2010intrinsic value building pride in heritage developing a sense of identity avoiding past mistakes teaching inquiry skillscritical thinking making better decisions GeographyFarris 2012 Geography is the study of the earth including its features and the distribution of its human inhabitants and other life physical vs human geographygeography is the literature of the land5 geographical themes o location o placeunique characteristics o relationship with places o movement o regionscharacteristics based on featurewhymake sense of spacedevelopmentto navigatecontroladapt to environment for survivalwhy teach geography o Parker 2012 MR HELPmovementhumans interacting on earthhumans live in different areas farms cities but they still interact through travel communication productsregionshow they form and changelandscapes landforms humanenvironment interactioneverywhere on earth hasandfor human settlement in that arealocationposition on earths surfaceabsoluterelative location describe peopleplaces EDEE 280Geography History and Citizenship EducationPaul ZanazanianWinter 2013placephysicalhuman characteristics places have specific characteristics that make them different than otherso WrightHutchison 2010intrinsic value life skills job skills community building Citizenship Educationaims to o preservevitalize democracyo develop productive wise citizens of the country and world democracy requires developing such predispositions as o critical and autonomous thinking o peacefulnonviolent resolution of disputes o cooperation with others o toleration of differing opinionsworldviews o freedom of expression o civic virtuewhyhuman concern for living together while being free to think and act 6 dimensions o deliberationdiscussiondecision making o votingelections o serve learningcommunity action o citizenship knowledge o citizenship values o citizenship dispositionsvirtues Connections to the QEPto understand the organization of a society in its territoryto interpret change in a society and its territoryto be open to the diversity of societies and their territories Key Connecting Conceptstimehistorychangespacegeographyterritoryliving togethercitizenship educationsociety 3 Central Components of Doing Historyhistorical evidence o 2 kinds of historical sourcesprimary sourcessecondary sources o types of records of the pasthistorians narrative skillsimaginationcreativityhistorians subjectivity the past is a foreign place
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