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A Western Civilization1Renaissance and ReformationRenaissanceRebirth Rebirth of whatRebirth of it allWhat is implied by rebirth The letters ideas written with a goal in mind to posperity The artsArt changed Leonardo da Vinci The Mona LisaShes difficult to read and her eyes always follow you although you move side to side Paintings preRenaissancehalospostRenaissanceno halos Before the Renaissance all paintings had a religious aspect Mona Lisawears a vale religious yet has cleavage secular During the Renaissance art became more humanist Beginning of individualismhumanismStarts in Italy VeniceFlorenceRomeVenice was the center of transportation through water on which products were being moved silks and spices Venice was located at a commercial crossroad People would spend money of art and then immobilized themselves in selfportraits It was the rebirth of progress and civilization This center then moved to Rome because of the churchIt was the beginning of science and technology Bigger and better ships were built Everything increaseda faster rateGutenberg 1453Printing PressMainz Northern Germanywhere the printing press was inventedTwo fold impact1 It recorded knowledge2 Freed ideas from the churchThe catholic church that exist today is completely differentRenaissance would of never happened if it wasnt for the printing pressThe place of religionReligion before Renaissance was centralit affected every aspect of human life It played a social role it kept records it provided education to the few it provided medical services to the few It was political and the power had to be recognized church resolved conflicts It was an economic institution it had the most land and most farmers worked for the church It was authoritarian And then Galileo came and the church was told that it was not the center of the universe Institutionalism Pope Roman Church People HumanismCommunity Individual ReformationThe roman catholic church wasCentral Universal Powerful InfluentialThat started to change as a result of Martin Luther 1517 challenging it in Northern Germany WittenbergThree reasons why Northern Germany was the first to go protestant1 It was the last conquered by Rome not conquered by the Rome in empire but the churchit was so religious that it Germany turned against the church2Printing Press3Martin LutherSale of indulgencesconcerned Martin LutherPeople started to recognized that the church was not all knowing and not all powerAround the mid 13 hundreds the plaguethe church was powerless and unable to explain it Renaissance brought to the attention to the people that the church was not as powerful as claimed People criticized the illiteracy of some priests Church also faced piety church wanted to be the intermediate for people to have a relationship with god they had the relationship with god not the people Bible replaced the church in the eyes of many when it was published Since people could read it themselves and did not need the church to be an intermediate Zwingli 14841531 and Calvin 15091564 They established protestant churches By the 1530s there were new churches founded and spread very quicklyHenry VIII 15091547he was given the title of protector of the faith Although he was king of Englad the pope was the highest authority He could not divorce Catherine of Aragon because of church yet he wanted un fils pour le trone Henry VIII established anglocan church English catholic nationalized the church He was now the highest religious authority in his kingdom and got a divorceSet a precedent example premier for national churches Foundations of Europe falling apartreligiously intellectually and soon politically and economically Catholic CounterReformationHenry VIII impacted the church with wordsThe first thing the church tried to doprohibite books 15291966 the ban was lifted in 1966 It was lifted in 1966 at the Second Vatican Counsel Chuch went after the books and failed because the ideas were carried by the people not just the books You cannot kill an ideaThe Council of Trent a 20 year commission 15451563 to decide what to do with the protestants The pope ran a church that made the people dependent on it rather than loyal 1 The Council of Trent enhanced the power of the pope 2it told the protestants that they are wrong 3 Initiated the education of the clergy 4 It limited the sale of indulgencesThose are the four major decisions at the Council of Trent Society of JesusJesuitsLoyola1540He prayed god to spare his life and if so he would repay him all his life obviously he was saved and then did work that was missionary and educational He started a mission to save the church Although the church was taken out of its central position it survived and it created a conflict in Europe because it devided Europe in a catholic and other churches Louis XIV 16431715 Le roi soleil centre de lunivers Ltat cest moiI embody the state No king in France had absolute power but in his mind his power was absolute He was a very paranoid king which is the reason why he bought the Palais de Versailles Palais de Versailles structured ordered parallels very organized symmetric He built the Palace because as a child became king early he was raise in Paris and it was a very dangerous place for kingslpoque Versailles was outside of Paris to avoid the people Nside reflected the power of the king it was as big inside as the king have power He built something so monumental because he lived in it with his queen court servants Housed the French aristocracy He couldnt escape the aristocracy they could bump him off or take his power
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