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English (Arts)
ENGL 228
Jeff Weingarten

ENGL 228 Canadian Literature Final Exam: Biographies A.J.M Smith - center of Canadian Modernism - Undergrad at McGill - 19 years old when he enrolled - at 22 tries to get money from the council, but they don’t give it to him - he starts his own magazine The McGill Fortnightly (1925-1927) - also apart of it were Scott, Klein, Leo Kennedy and Leon Edel - Smith believed things were happening to literature that students at McGill didn’t know anything about - “Little Magazines”: cheaply produced, only really experimental works were allowed into The McGill Fortnightly - Preview (Patrick Anderson) - First Statement (John Sutherland) - Smith published 2 anthologies: - New Provinces - The Book of Canadian Poetry (1943) - poems: - “Like an Old Proud King In a Parabole” - “The Lonely Land” F.R Scott - father was Frederick George Scott - was a prof and studied law at McGill - he slept around a lot - Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) in 1932, Scott wanted to contribute to Canada’s development and thought the best way was through economic reform - The Regina Manifesto (1933) the founding documents of the CCF which would be tackling worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance, etc. - helped found The Preview - helped edit the New Provinces with Smith - was pro-active, nation-builder, cultural builder - known for his prominence in contributing to the modern canadian cleft - leftism and canadian modernism - had a modernist invision of a socialist future for canada - modernism attack on older poetry - poems: - “Eclipse” - “The CanadianAuthor’s MeeT” - “Spain 1937” - “AGrain of Rice” - “Lakeshore” A.M Klein - born in 1919 in Ukraine - apart of the Fortnightly - was asked to chage the word “soul” in a submission because it was too old fashioned - was Jewish - his jewishness is always brought up - both a stigma and helped his work - he got offended when Knopf made the cover of the Second scroll a star of David - connection with E.K Brown - he was working on the Ulysses - his poem “Portrait of the Poet as a Landscape” won the Governer General’s Award - Poems: - “Sonnet Unrhymed” - “Heirloom” - “APsalm Touching Genealogy” - “Meditation Upon Survival” - “Portrait of the Poem as a Landscape” Dorothy Livesay - “documentary poetry”: objective historical fact and subjectivity - her mother was a poet, her father was an author - she studied at UofT - published first book at 19 - apart of New Provinces (1936) - active supporter of communism - school of social work - she was not in the volume (not sure which) - she claims to be a non-modernist - poetry is free verse and imagistic - first book was the Green Pitcher - poems: - “Day and Night” - “Bartok and Geranium” - “Lament” Earle Birney - mentors:Al Purdy, Florence McNeil - born in Calgary, then family relocated to Banff - went to University of British Columbia - promoter in London for the Independent Labour Party - met Leon Trotsky in Norway, who was the organizer of SovietArmy and Second in Command during the revolution - he went to go see Hitler speak an
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