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English (Arts)
ENGL 228
Jeff Weingarten

ENGL 228 Canadian Literature Final Exam: Practice Questions Part I Which poem and by who has oval or circle imagery? What is the moment of pause called in a poem? What was the title of Sinclair Ross’memoir? What is the word for an extended metaphor? Name one example of a false front in As For Me and My House What word derived from ancient greek is used to describe “the return home”? Which poem and by what author is seen as “corrective” to modernism? What are the two types of satire and what are the characteristics of each? What does pastoral mean? What are some characteristics of modern poetry? What is the difference between Modern, Modernity, and Modernism? What Canadian poet considered himself “the Messiah” and a friend to the gods? What are some characteristics of imagism? Name two of Earle Birney’s mentors What poem and by what poet is most known to be a model of imagism? What Canadian poet cultivated the “ego” of the poet? In what poem specifically do we see this? What poet (not read in class) is known to be a major figure of modernism? Which poets are considered the second generation Canadian modernists and what years were they writing? What are some characteristics of the poetry of the second generation Canadian modernists? What does polypoton mean? What group was formed in 1932, what was the primary founding document of the group and what would it be tackling? What is the definition of an epic? Which poem and by who is an attack on the older Canadian poets? Who published Anne Marriott’s first poem? Knopf made the cover of the Second Scroll a star of David, and this offended which Canadian poet? Which poet is known to be misogynistic? Which poem won the Governor General’sAward in 1948 and by who? Which poem and by who makes an allusion to Vladimir Lenin’s One Step Fo
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