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English (Arts)
ENGL 228
Jeff Weingarten

ENGL 228 Canadian Literature Final Exam: Practice Questions Part IAnswer Sheet Which poem and by who has oval or circle imagery? - A.M Klein: “The Portrait of the Poet as a Landscape” What is the moment of pause called in a poem? - volta What was the title of Sinclair Ross’memoir? - Just Wind and Horses What is the word for an extended metaphor? - conceit Name one example of a false front in As For Me and My House - Mrs. Bentley and Philip’s sexual identity: Philip likes boys and Mrs. Bentley has sexual desires What word derived from ancient greek is used to describe “the return home”? - nostos Which poem and by what author is seen as “corrective” to modernism? - “David” by Earle Birney (brings the lyric eye back to modernism) What are the two types of satire and what are the characteristics of each? - Horation and Juvenallian - Horation is more satirical, absurd, trivial events and expose triviality - Juvenallian is more angry, formal, domineering and harsh combinations of humankind What does pastoral mean? - valorizes rural life What are some characteristics of modern poetry? - tame - new vs old - progressive What is the difference between Modern, Modernity, and Modernism? - modernity is the era - modern is the sensibility typical of the era - modernism is the aesthetic response to the era What Canadian poet considered himself “the Messiah” and a friend to the gods? - Irving Layton What are some characteristics of imagism? - direct treatment - rhythmic but not robotic - spare language Name two of Earle Birney’s mentors - Al Purdy - Florence McNeil What poem and by what poet is most known to be a model of imagism? - Ezra Pound, “In a Station of the Metro” What Canadian poet cultivated the “ego” of the poet? In what poem specifically do we see this? - Irving Layton, “The Birth of Tragedy” What poet (not read in class) is known to be a major figure of modernism? - T.S Eliot Which poets are considered the second generation Canadian modernists and what years were they writing? What are some characteristics of the poetry of the second generation Canadian modernists? - Birney, Wilson, Page, Layton - 1939-1957 - World War II - Depression - In order to make modernism new, must make it old again What does polypoton mean? - the use of the same word but in a different way - ex: strong/strength What group was formed in 1932, what was the primary founding document of the group and what would it be tackling? - The Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) - documents: The Regina Manifesto - worker’s compensation, healthcare, unemployment insurance, etc. What is the definition of an epic? - quest - hero - supernatural elements - founding of a culture Which poem and by who is an attack on the older Canadian poets? - “The Canadian Author’s Meet” by F.R Scott Who published Anne Marriott’s first poem? - J.F.B Livesay Knopf made the cover of the Second Scroll a star of David, and this offended which Canadian poet? - A.M Klein Which poet is known to be misogynistic? - F.R Scott Which poem won the Governor General’sAward in 1948 and by who? - “The Portrait of the Poet as a Landscape” byA.M Klein Which poem and by who makes an allusion to V
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