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English (Arts)
ENGL 381
Paula Derdiger

April 9, 2013 Final Review Term Papers  Due: April 18 in her office at 11:30  Must include self addressed envelope that is already stamped if you want feedback on it  Monday and Wednesday are the best days to talk to the prof about the essay Exam  Three short answer questions o Very similar to the midterm o Should take about 10 minutes each  Essay question: compare and contrast two films based on one major theme of the course o Three prompts will be given and we should choose one o One film must be from the first half of the course (before the midterm) and the other film must be from the second half of the course o Must have a thesis and clear arguments o Essay, in theory, should be about double the short answers  Use SPECIFIC EXAMPLES in both short answer and essay question Best way to study  Choose an important scene/moment in all the films (one that covers many themes) 1. What themes are present? 2. What other films have these themes? 3. Why are the themes important?  Example done in class: 1. Themes present in this image?  Camp/comedy  Wilder’s ability to engage multiple registers at once - there is bot
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