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McGill University
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FACC 220
Louis Martin Richer

2According to CCQ 2405 changes to the contract made by the parties are evidenced by riders attached to the policy Furthermore any rider stipulating a reduction of the insurers liability or an increase in the insureds obligations other than an increased premium has no effect unless the policyholder consents to the change in writing John did not consent to any change in writingCCQ 2399 indicates that the amount of coverage will be set out in the policyCCQ 2400 also indicates that the insurer shall remit the policy to the client together with a copy of any application made in writing by the client or on his behalfThis was also not done Furthermore in the case of discrepancy between policy and the application the latter prevails unless the insurer has in a separate document indicated the particulars in respect of which there is discrepancy to the client3ACCQ 2466 Patrick should have informed their insurer of the changes being made in order to reassess their premium However according to CCQ 2411 unless the bad fai
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