GEOG 200 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Climate Change, Ecosystem, Sustainability

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20 Nov 2018

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Explaining that is part of the mission of the course, but . There is no doubt that there are important environmental issues to be addressed that. But have technology expertise problems are significant, important, more or less manageable. War is often linked to environmental causes, idps due toward because lack of access to resources . These new approaches will require creative inputs from intelligent leaders and the application of complex skills in a wide array of linked areas of human endeavor. We are ecological beings cosmology, the idea of - Ecological systems: e. g. biodiversity loss and system collapse and loss of ecosystem services. Climate systems e. g. extreme events and productivity loss. Cultural and social systems: e. g. shelter, stability, predictability: war. Technological and economic system dependence: e. g. meltdown we are dependent. Sustainable development is a process not an end point: move step by step to the most movable condition. Miscellaneous: volcanoes to meteor strikes to sun exploding or expiring.

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