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GEOG 221
Nancy Ross

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Midterm Review  Short answer, multiple choice, true or false  What have we covered? o 3 context lectures and 3 readings  Hurricanes Katrina/Sandy and New Orleans/New York  A microcosm of the course itself  Environment and Health  Historical perspective, transitions, burdens, vulnerable groups  Climate change  Setting the context for human health in the next century o 5 lectures on air pollution and health  Air pollution 1, 2, 3  What is it? How is it dispersed?  Temperature and stability; inversions; topography o Stable: inhibits vertical motion, discourages dispersion o Unstable: a lot of vertical motion, encourages dispersion  Photochemical smog (ground-level ozone)  Deposition  Trends in air pollution  Source, transport, change in the atmosphere, sink (down to the ground) and there an effect on health o Health effects of air pollution  What is a health effect?  Dose-response  Criteria for causality  Health effect of pollutants; particle size is important – emphasis on health effects of PM2.5  Epidemiology of air pollution  Interaction between physical environmental exposure and social position o 2 lectures on UV and health:  Ozone layer  Stratospheric ozone depletion; human causes (CFC’s and other ODS); Human solutions
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