HIST 203 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Quebec, Canada, World War I

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20 Nov 2018

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Lecture 1 may 1st: essay 30, final 30, two sections, 1) short answer. Identify and explain the historical significance of 5 out of 10 events, concepts, names: will give us some heads up during lecture about possible options, 2) essays, answer 2 out of 3 essays. Canada"s (cid:498)great coalition(cid:499: these maritime delegates don"t say anything in video, they stand up and clap. They were impressed: he surprised everyone by asking if the province of canada could be. John a. macdonald included in the delegations: brown and cartier thought the union would help solve the current political problems, george brown, leader of the reform party, george-etienne cartier. John a. macdonald"s legacy: his (cid:498)national policy(cid:499, aboriginal policy tied to (cid:498)cultural genocide(cid:499, canadian pacific railway, execution of louis riel, racist policies towards chinese immigration, a lot of people contested his legacy. North-west rebellion, 1885: had serious implications for the first nations, the federal government became increasingly coercive.

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