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HIST 226
James Krapfl

THE TWILIGHT OF EMPIRES13012012 034200IThemes of the courseAShifting bases of community and search for ideal organization of societyBEstablishing and maintaining democracyCStrategies of small countries and peoples who must reckon with more powerful neighborsIIWhere are East CentralSoutheastern EuropeIIIWhen was the twentieth centuryIVHow did the map of 1900 emerge some bygone political entitiesMoravian Empire Zeta Wallachia Moldavia Duchy of Warsaw Illyrian Provinces some peoples to noteSlavs W Czechs Sorbs Poles Pannonian Slavs S Serbs Croats Bulgars Carinthian Slavs Balts Prussians Lithuanians Latvians Vlachs Magyars incl Skelys Kuns Pechenegs Germans Teutonic and Livonian Knights Saxons some themes to noteEastern vs Western Christianity Drang nach Osten some dates to note1389Battle of Kosovo1453Fall of Constantinople1569PolishLithuanian Commonwealth1772 1793 1795Partitions of Poland1815Congress of Vienna1817Serbian autonomy1832Greek independence1848Revolutions of 18481859Union of MoldaviaWallachia1867AusgleichVWhy Berlin EuropeAEastern Crisis 187578 preceded by RussoTurkish War 1828 and Crimean War 1856BTreaty of San Stefano 1878CCongress of Berlin 1878 Serb Montenegrin Romanian independence Bulgarian autonomy BosniaHerzegovina under AustroHungarian administration note special status of East Rumelia Sanjak of Novi PazarVIThe Four EmpiresAGerman William IIBAustroHungarian Francis Joseph ICRussian Nicholas IIDOttoman Abdul Hamid IINotes1389Byzantine empire being conquered by the Turks Turks took over kingdom in the Battle of Kosovo Bulgaria also conquered by the Turks after conquering Constantinople in 1453 14th15th centuries Bohemia was the centre of European culture16th centuryAustrian Hapsburgs were in control of bohemia and other parts of central Europe ie Hungary Conquered land by marriage instead of war Poland independence lasted until the 18th century United with Grand duchy of Lithuania Prussians and Russians decided to partition Poland divided into three by them and Austria Napoleon briefly made Poland independent again but after Congress of Vienna given to Russia 1821Greeks rose up and achieved independence in 1832 1878revolt of Bulgarians against the Turks Powers in West didnt want Russia to have access to so much land between the Black and Mediterranean sea The Congress of Berlin July 1878 spilt Bulgaria into different lands Also made lands Montenegro Serbia etc independent Germany only country that was stable and strong Monarchy led by Wilhelm the 2ndQuasidemocratic were elections and political parties AustriaHungary also quasidemocratic separated often Not nearly as stable as Germany Russia empire with lots of problems Eg revolution of 1905 against Tsar Nicholas II Far less democraticOttoman empire Islamic Ruled by Sultan Abdul Hamid II Faced revolution in 1908 similar to Russia
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