HIST 249 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Medicine, Reading Company, Hippocrates

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20 Nov 2018

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Jenner: anaesthesia, opens up revolutionary surgery for health care, renaissance, scientific revolution, enlightenment, disease, sick (weak, lack of capacity, sick different than sickness. Ill (deformity, evil: people with physical disabilities - moral negativity, disease (discomfort, ailment (suffering, pain, external, ontological conceptions (disease comes from the outside, material or object from the outside - poison (toxic, arrow, a living material - worm. Invisible powerful being - demon, god: demons - torment us, gods - punish us. Internal: dynamic or physiological concepts (enemy is inside us, body"s failure to respond to environment, putrefaction - rotting garbage --> septic wound. Irrigation is required (law, government) to control disputes about land. Like the nil river: channel for food, air (mouth --> anus, putrefaction inside of the body - get it out from either side of the channel, aim is to unblock the channel due to putrefaction. Important of elimination in therapy: arrest corruption, get the bad stuff out, blocked channels due to putrefaction.

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