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Islamic Studies
ISLA 541D1
Pouneh Shabani- Jadidi

Children of Heaven لزغ By Majid Majidi The film “Bachehaye Aseman” begins with a young boy by the name of “Ali” picking up his little sister Zahra’s pink shoes where it was sent to a cobbler to be repaired. He then goes to buy some potatoes at a local shop and leaves his bag on the ground when a garbage man picks up the shoes that were hidden in a bag and takes them away. Ali comes back to realize the bag is gone and searches desperately for it by knocking over some crates of vegetables. The grocer chases him away and he is forced to leave without Zahra’s shoes. The setting being a poor area of a Southern Tehran neighbourhood, Ali’s family is in financial turmoil and he fears to tell his parents of his mistake earlier that day; instead he tells Zahra and begs her not to tell their mother. The family is behind on payments for their rent, as well as the grocer so Ali chooses not to add to the stress of his parents. Ali and Zahra scheme to share Ali’s sneakers everyday—Zahra in the morning and Ali in the afternoon. To make up for losing Zahra’s shoes, Ali wins a gold pen for doing well on a test and gives it to her. The arrangement to switch shoes midday doesn’t work very well with Ali’s afternoon classes, as he is late three times in a row. He gets in trouble with the principal—who tells Ali to leave and return with his father, but Ali’s teacher convinces the
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