Thompson and Shapiro - Complexity in Treatment of Syntactic Deficits Summary

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LING 390
Yosef Grodzinsky

Complexity in Treatment of Syntactic Deficits Thompson and Shapiro y Individuals with aphasia often show selective language impairments that affect one language domain to a greater extent than others o Eg patient with Brocas aphasia with agrammatism there is deficits in grammatical structure characterized by production of primarily short simple sentences consisting of structurally impoverished word strings o complex sentences in which noun phrases NPs are moved out of their canonical position passives and object relative clause constructions present particular difficulty in both production and in comprehension y Two primary approaches to remedy these deficits various forms of mapping therapy and treatment of underlying forms TUF o Both approaches consider verb and their thematic roles as well as the syntactic properties of sentences o TUF is unique in that the focus is on syntactically complex structures rather than simple ones eg active sentencesTraining complex linguistic material results in improved production an
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