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McGill University
Life Sciences
LSCI 230
Sebastien Faucher

ETC and photosynthesis: legend for previous figure slide- can disregard. chemoheterotroph More ATP E.Coli with anaerobic respiration if no oxygen Yeast: by product ethanol Denitrifying bacteria methanotrophs can’t do fermentation Chemoautotroph Nitrifying bacteria: use ammonia or nitrite as e source- good for agriculture Methanogens : produce methane two ways- won’t use organic forms: h2 and co2=chemoautotrophs Chemoheterotrophs use ch3cooh Sulfur bacteria Methanotrophs: use methane Phototroph: In membrane: site of photosynthesis Why? Goal is to build a pmf O2 e ACCEPTOR h20 e DONOR Cyanobacteria, algae: z formation Cyclic photophosphorylation when reducing power is enough. Cyanobacteria can also use sulfide as e source.- can reduce Nad and Nadph Cannot use h20 as e donor Calvin Cycle: fix Carbon, incorporate CO2 as energy (USES, not make, AT
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