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McGill University
Life Sciences
LSCI 230
Sebastien Faucher

Microbiology review final Host defenses Gram negative bacteria more sensitive to antimicrobial peptides than lysozymes Second line: 1.Compliment: create pore, C3b (opsonin-function to increase phagocytosis (ability of macrophages to do this)) 2. Phagocytosis: non specific, oxidative burst (enzymes myalloperoxidase, NADH oxidase, another) 3.Inflammation and fever mediated by cytokine Il1 cells get to the site of infection Adapted defenses respond to antigens Adaptive defense system Memory-creation of memory cells Tolerance (tolerate itself but will not tolerate incoming pathogens) T cells (2 categories: helper (activate other cells) and cytotoxic (kill infected cells)) Major histocompatibility complex: MHC1-present antigens from within cells. MHC2- activate helper Tcells (memory cells that stay dormant and effector tcells) which leads to IL2 release B cells Don`t need to know the name of cytokines that activate B cells passive immunity: got antibody from source outside body natural immunity: pathogen can`t infect host Qs -Collagenase proteins that degrades host cell (b) -A subunit for AB toxin is responsible for (B for binding) modify the target inside host cell (C) - Complement (B) is more effective against gram –ve bacteria (some –ve completely resistant against it; opsonin for +ve and -ve) -MHC-2 is where APCs present antigen to helper T cells (C) Microbiology of food No q on microorganisms to make yogurt pickles and saurkraat Remember orgs for cheese Qs 1. swiss cheese 2.C-heat resistant 3. d. canning=very long shelf life Labs (8-11) fill table NA-for water microbiology-total count of micros there AZO-selective since no nitrogen source (azotobacter can fix nitrogen that is free living) Buff-coloured=beigish-yellow MPN-did 3 tubes not 5refer to table (understand how to get from number of tubes to MPN number) Fecal coliforms grow at 44.5; coliforms at 37 degrees Celsius Qs 1. B (blue) Review Animals: Don’t need to know slide 4 Commensals: ex. Bladder infection- not a problem elsewhere in the body. Rumminococcus: Harvest cellulase on scaffold to degrade cellulose p.17 don’t need to anatomy of stomach rumen is before stomach p.19-26 don’t need
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