Chapter 8

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McGill University
Mathematics & Statistics (Sci)
MATH 111
Nabil Kahouadji

MATH 111 – Winter 2012 8: PROBABILITY 8.1 How Probabilities are Determined experiment: an experiment M is an activity whose results can be observed and recorded outcome: each of the possible results of an experiment sample space: a set of all possible outcomes for an experiment event: any subset of a sample space 8.1.1 Determining Probabilities law of large numbers (Bernoulli’s Theorem): if experiment is repeated a large number of times, the experimental or empirical probability of a particular outcomes approaches a fixed number as number of repetitions increases probability of an event with equally likely outcomes: for an experiment with sample space S with equally likely outcomes, the probably of an event A is given by P (A) = number of elements of A / number of elements S = n (A) / n (S) 8.1.2 Mutually Exclusive Events mutually exclusive events: events A and B are mutually exclusive if they have no elements in common - if events A and B are mutually e
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