Math 122 Final Exam Review

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Mathematics & Statistics (Sci)
MATH 122
Sidney Trudeau

MATH 122 Final Exam Review December 8, 2011 Mathematics of Finance - t is time in years - P is the principle, or original, amount - A is the final amount - m is the number of time the interest is compounded per year - n is the number of compounding periods per year - r is the interest rate in decimal - simple interest: - compound interest: - continuous compound interest: - effective rate: - future value: - use this formula when you know the value of our money in the future and want to save toward that amount by regular payments - present value: - Use this formula when we know our money in the present and we are paying it off in the future by regular payments - Examples: mortgage, loan, credit card Limits and Continuity - indeterminate forms: - vertical asymptotes: x = a is a VA if - horizontal asymptote: x = c is a HA if - limits to remember: The Derivative - definition of a derivative: - derivative rules: - logarithmic differentiation: Applications of the Derivative - how to graph a function: (1) Determine the intercepts of the function. (a) for y-intercept, set x = 0 (b) for x-intercept, set y = 0 (2) Determine any vertical asymptotes and/or holes in the function (a) set the denominator equal to 0 (3) Determine any horizontal asymptotes. (a) polynomial functions have none (b) x = c is a HA if:
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