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McGill University
Mathematics & Statistics (Sci)
MATH 222
Christa Scholtz

DAWSON COLLEGEDAWSON COLLEGE DAWSON COLLEGEDAWSON COLLEGE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRYDEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRYAND CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGYAND CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY AND CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGYAND CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY CHEMISTRY 202 NYA 05CHEMISTRY 202 NYA 05 CHEMISTRY 202 NYA 05CHEMISTRY 202 NYA 05 FINAL EXAMINATIONFINAL EXAMINATION FINAL EXAMINATIONFINAL EXAMINATION WINTER 2007WINTER 2007 WINTER 2007WINTER 2007 May 22 2007 TIME ALLOWED 3 HRCircle The Name of Your Instructors From The List BelowT BUI A MUNERA R SQUIREINSTRUCTIONS 1 WRITE IN INK2 ANSWER ALL 15 QUESTIONS THERE ARE 19 PAGES3 Electronic calculators NonProgrammable are allowed but must not be passed around 4 Answer each problem within the space provided 5 Show complete work where it is required in order to get full credit 6 Acorrect answer with no work shown will carry a zero mark 7 Messy work and messy answer will not be marked 318 Mass of electron91095 x 10kg349 Plancks Constant6626 x 10Js Gas constant R00821 LatmKmol3 83143 kPadmKmol 8ms Speed of light29979 x 10 Avogadros constant Na602 x10 23 particlesmole18 Bohr Constant2178 x 10J 71 21 Rydberg Constant R1097 x 10mOR 1097 x 10nmH221J1kg msStandard Pressure1000 atm7600 mm Hg7600 torr101325 kPaQ1 10 Q7 3Q13 3Q2 7Q87 Q14 6 Q3 6 Q96 Q15 6Q48Q104 Q5 8Q117 Sig Figs1Q6 12Q126 TOTAL16TOTAL 51TOTAL 33TOTAL100Q1 Name each of the following compounds5 Marks Copper II Iodide a CuI2 b KCOPotassium Carbonate 23 c NHPOAmmonium Phosphate 434 d HBrOaq Bromic Acid 3 e FeSO Iron III Sulfite 233 Write formulas for each of the following compounds 5 MarksNHS a Ammonium Sulfide 42 b Carbon tetrafluorideCF 5 c Lithium dihydrogen Phosphate LiHPO 24 d Nitrous AcidHNO 2 e Lead II HydroxidePbOH 2 Q2 a What volume of 00200M calcium hydroxide is required to neutralize 3500 mL of 00500Mnitricacid2MarksAnswerCaOH2HNOCaNO2HO233220035 L HNO005 mol HNOLHNO1mol CaOH2mol HNO333231L CaOH002 mol CaOH4375 mL CaOH2222
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