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Mathematics & Statistics (Sci)
MATH 222
Christa Scholtz

DAWSON COLLEGE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRYCHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY FINAL EXAMINATION CHEMISTRY OF SOLUTIONS 202NYB05 May 22 2007 9301230 PMMARK DISTRIBUTIONSolutions 1 6 INSTRUCTORSPlease circle the name of your instructor 2 5 D Adley O Behar T Bui M Di Stefano 3 5 H Doan M Haniff S Mkinen A Munera D Vukadin4 6 5 8 INSTRUCTIONSThis exam set consists of 17 questions Please ensure that you have a 6 6 complete set 7 3 1 Calculators may not be shared Programmable calculators are not permitted 8 5 2 No books or extra paper are permitted Answer allquestions in the 9 6 space provided 3 In order to obtain full credit you mustshow the method used to solve 10 3 problems involving calculations expressing your answers to the correct number of significant figures and using the proper units 11 6 4 Your attention is drawn to the College policy on cheating 12 2 5 APeriodic Table is provided You may detach the Periodic Table 13 6 USEFUL DATA23114 8 6022 x 10 mol Avogadros number NA1111Gas constant R008206 LatmKmol8314 kPa LKmol 15 5 118314 JKmol 16 13 1atm760 mm Hg1013 kPa760 torr 221J1kgms 17 3 atm1013 J 1LSig Figs 2 Units 2 TOTAL 100 21a Predict the solubility of the following species in water Would you expect the 3 markscompound to be very soluble or virtually insoluble in water Explain your answer i NHCO423Ammonium carbonate is a salt which dissolves well in water due to hydrogen 2bonding with water which can solvate the NHions and the COion 43 ii CHCHOH ethanol 32 Ethanol dissolves well in water since both substances are capable of hydrogen bondingiii CHClmethylene chloride 22 Although methylene chloride has some polarity ie dipole moment it does not dissolve in water as there are different intermolecular forces of attraction in methylene chloride than there are in waterThe two solvents are immiscible13 marksb The density of a 250 MNaClsolution is 112 gmLCalculate the following i the molality of this solution ii the percent by mass of NaClin solution Assume a total volume of 100 L solution 112 g3310010 mL11210 m gtotalmLm o l250 nm o l100 L250 NaClLMWtNaCl5844a g5844 m m o lg250 146 NaClmol3311210 146 09710097 mgg gk gwater250 m o l1olkg257molaitym097 k g146 gb 100130NaCl311210 g
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