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McGill University
Management Core
MGCR 222

PowerLegitimate powerAuthority position ie doctorYou obey because its legitimateIdentyfing powerBy what could you tell they have power What are the indicators of their powerSources of power Barack ObamaMilitary power political power persuasive powerThey have a structure and system set up in which their commands will results in certain reactions They have direct influence over legislature They are recognized socially as being powerfulExam infoExam has 3 goals use theory to understand leadership effectivenessdevelop analytical skills for analyzing social situationsincrease capacity for selfreflection and selfunderstandingLogisticsTues Sept 29Closed notes paper only in class exam605 pmFormatMultiple ChoiceShort answerMini EssayExamplesWhats the best explanation for so many different definitions of leaderhipsscholarly niptkcingdisagreement about what should be considered leadership processesleaderhsip behavior cannot be studied in a scientific wayleadership is a very old topicWhich of the following was not found to be characteristics of managers in most descriptitve studiesThey spend much of their time engaged in oral communicationthey spend considerable time engaged in reflective activities such as planningthey spend considerable time engaged in lateral communication with peersthey are engaged in a large variety of brief activities during a typical workdayShort answerWhat is leadership influencing people to move towards goalsGive one example from your own experience of the concept of recognizing
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