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McGill University
Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 413

Type 1 Questions1 A tourist went to Maligne Lake in Alberta in the summer of 2007 He could not resist the sparkling fresh cold turquoise water of the late and decided to have a drink Which ones of the following combinations of waterborne parasitic diseases has he exposed himself to a Giardiasis b Cryptosporidiosis c Fascioliasis d Toxoplasmosis e Trypanosomiasis f Leishmaniasis1 a c e 2 a b d 3 b e f 4 c e f 5 a b e2 In which one of the following helminths are stichocytes present a Ascaris lumbricodes b Taenia saginata c Taenia solium d Fasciola hepatica e None of the above3 You attended a party of hunters where they served bear meat that was BBQd Some people got trichinellosis and others did not How do you explain that a Females are more sensitive to infection b Males are more sensitive to infection c Some of them asked for their bear meat to be BBQd medium rare d Some of them were taking immunosuppressive drugs e Some of them drank too much beer and their immune systems were affected4 The oocysts of Cryptosporidium release four sporozoites in the small intestine of the host Which one of the following combinations represents the correct stages of development of the sporozoites in the small intestine a Trophozoites b Oocyst c Sporozoite d First generation of schizont e Second generation of merozoite f Zygote1 d e a 2 a f b 3 b c e 4 c f b 5 d e c5 Development of immunity in humans to Schistosoma is believed to be associated with a Onset of old age b Onset of adulthood around age 1820 c The continuous treatment with drugs such as praziquantel d The type of lifestyle each person leads e A decrease in exposure to the parasite as the population ages
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