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Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 466

Practice QuestionsBaines LecturesType I QuestionsOnly one answer is correct1 Which of the following is NOT a potential for increased mortality to a pathogenaIt takes only 4 days to circle the globebVirus mutation rates have increased over the last 50 yearscGlobal warming has changed the survival rates of viral vectorsdWe now have greater access to foods from different areas of the worldeDue to religious beliefs many people choose not to get vaccinated2 Which of the following is FALSEaAdenoviruses are one of the causes of the common coldbMeasles can result in SSPE delayed sequelaecPicornaviruses are DNA viruses responsible for the 2001 outbreak of footandmouth disease in British cattledWest Nile is caused by a ssRNA virus from the Flavivirus familyeArenaviruses are ssRNA viruses and cause hemorrhagic fever3 Which of the following is NOT an iatrogenic factoraAntiacid medications can reduce the antibacterial action of the stomachbAntibiotic medications can alter the microflora and allow pathogenic organisms to take overcAntibodies produced against a virus may increase infectivity by promoting phagocytosis and therefore infection of the phagocytic celldAnalgesics reduce IL1 mediated fever and decease host response to a pathogeneImmunosuppressive drugs reduce the effectiveness of the host immune response4 Which of the following is FALSEaIt takes approximately 96 hours for adaptive immunity to be detected after infection with a pathogenbNK cell mediated killing is required to completely clear a viral infectioncAntibodies against a virus can neutralize viral receptors and prevent entry of the virus into host cellsdAll of the aboveeNone of the above5 Which of the following is TRUE regarding vaccinationaKilled vaccines are the most effective because they generate a cytotoxic T cell CTL responsebAttenuated vaccines are known to be quite dangerouscVaccination has not yet been found to eradicate a diseasedDNA vaccines are similar to attenuated vaccines in that they generate a CTL response however they are less stableeVaccines exist for diptheria polio and measles
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