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McGill University
Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 466

SolutionsMIMM 466 Final Examination 20051234567892Cervical cancer cells of precancerous cells101Adenovirus does not have any oncogenes such as E7 11416 and 1812131E2F1415161718191If removed its absence allows infection with the minute virus of mice MVMaImpact of zonae on viral infectioniHere we have a day 2 embryo 2 celliiIsolate embryos remove zonae in some and infect with virusiiiRemoving zonae reduces development to blastocyst 65 vs 31ivMCMV infection is still not productive and there is no effect on developmentvSame result found using 8cell embryosviSame result found when infected with SV40 MVM etcviiWhy might this be important1Very early embryo is very resistant to viruses whether the viruses get in or not since similar numbers are observedbAlso check out the following linkiMohanty SB Bachmann PA 1974 Susceptibility of fertilized mouse eggs to minute virus of mice Infect Immun 94762763202Are found in the media of normal blood vesselsaNormal artery the partsiThe intima is made up of an endothelial layer and the elastic internathe endothelial cell layer is one cell thick and they continuously line the inside of blood vessels and the inside of the heartiiUnderneath the endothelial layer is a layer ofsmooth muscle cellsthe media1Involved in contractionrelaxation of the vessels to regulate blood flowiiiThe adventitia provides support for the blood vessels1More prominent in arteries than in veinsthin intima scant leukocyte populationbIn a normal artery there is alittle expression of adhesion proteins or cytokines and no microvessels213Is characterized by lipid accumulation as well as calcification and thrombosisaSpecific features of atherosclerosisiLipid accumulationlipids are very prothrombic if they are exposed or if the SM cells are exposed platelets will adhere leading to thrombosisiiCalcificationhardens the plaque the wall is rigid and cant accommodate blood flow properly anymore the vessel can no longer function as a healthy vesseliiiThrombosis222A flavivirusaTypes of viral hepatitisiHepatitis A virus is an RNAgenome picornavirus1It is an enterovirus which initially replicates in our GI tract and then goes up the liver duct to the liver2A lot of infectious virus particles are excreted along with the fecesiiHepatitis B is a DNAgenome hepadnavirusiiiHepatitis C is an RNAgenome flavivirusivHepatitis D virus is an RNAgenome viroidlike virusvHepatitis E virus is an RNAgenome calcicyvirus1Is very similar to hepatitis A but its epidemiology is different2It is barely seen in North America but mainly seen in Southern Asia3Were beginning to see a bit of it in MexicoviHepatitis F virus is so far unknown1We know about it because in Asia there are periodic epidemics of hepatitis that appears to be fecallyorally transmitted not likely to have a carrier state yet tests for all existing hepatitis viruses are negative in these patients235Can occur in a significant population of people after an atherosclerotic plaque is removedaRestenosisiOccurs when plaques are removediiAtherosclerotic plaques are often removed by percutaneous coronary intervention PCI also known as angioplastyiiiBUT some plaques come back after atherosclerotic plaques are removed ie the vessel restenosesreagain stenosesblocks upivEven worse it can come back in the same placevCant take away all plaques at once and can only do it a limited number of timesviRestenosis does not equal atherosclerosiswhy
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