MIMM 214 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Cytokine, T Cell, T Helper Cell

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Only need to do five (if you do them well) Information literacy, science to lay audience, scientific collaboration, nature of immunology. Distinguishes between self and non self: will only mount a response against non self, will mount a response against a pathogenic bacteria, will not mount a response against a self protein. A dysregulated immune response: might respond to safe non self, might respond to self. Involved coordinated action between many different cells, molecules, and tissues over time and space. Major advances have merited numerous nobel prizes. Identify key molecules, cells, and tissues involved in the immune system construct complete models of innate and adaptive immune response. Describe the main steps in the development of the key cells in the immune system. Describe the mechanisms involved in allergy and autoimmunity. Collection of organs, tissues, cells and molecules that coordinately work to protect from infection. Key components: bone marrow, thymus, lymphatics, lymph nodes.

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