MUAR 211 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Trio Sonata, Fauxbourdon, Motet

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Dame, de qui toute ma joie vient guillaume de machaut. Kyrie from pange lingua mass josquin des prez. Texture: imitative polyphony + homophony + word painting (homophonic) Violin concerto in g+ 1st movement vivaldi. Violin concerto in g+ 2nd movement vivaldi. Genre: specific category of music defined by its traits/ categories. Pitch: a sound producing vibration that oscillates at a specific rate. Interval: the distance of frequency between two pitches, either upward or downward (measured by half-steps) Equal-temperament tuning: man-made division of an octave into 12 half-steps. Pitch names: a b c d e f g. Natural: cancels flat or sharp flat: lower by an interval. Ranges of human voices: soprano, alto, tenor, bass. Text setting: practice of setting words to music. Polyphony: simultaneous combination of 2 or more melodies imitative: use the same motives ( fragments of melody ) Non-imitative: four voices with four independent melodies that never repeat the music of another voice part.