MUAR 211 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Hildegard Of Bingen, Cello Suites (Britten), Guillaume Du Fay

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Thy hand belinda from dido and aeneas, act iii final scene. Minuet and tambourin from the opera castor et pollux. Fugue 1 in c major from the well-tempered clavier, book 1. 4, christ lag in todesbanden, stanzas 3, 4 & 7. There were shepherds and glory to god from messiah (which are actually movements 4, 5 & 8) v. agnus dei. Medieval period: 450-1450 sacred / secular (culture, music, etc. ) liturgy (as in roman catholic liturgy) plainchant / chant metrical / nonmetrical. Ordinary of mass (or mass ordinary) i. kyrie iii. Sanctus church modes / medieval modes responsorial performance (of chant) antiphonal performance (of chant) Also in 12th century earliest manuscripts of secular music earliest manuscripts of instrumental music organum troubadour / trouv re jongleur courtier chanson cantus firmus / cantus firmus composition. Notre dame school (12-14th century) ars antiqua (13th c. ) / ars nova (14th c. ) Renaissance period: 1450-1600 humanism (as aesthetic concept) moveable type printing press, c. 1450.