MUAR 211 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Hildegard Of Bingen, Guillaume De Machaut, Ars Nova

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Manuscript: provide evidence that music was essential medium of worship in early christian church (sa- cred music exclusively). 1st extant manuscripts of notated music date from late 9th century. Sacred: anything to serve as part of religious worship. Secular: everything else, including art intended for entertainment. Unaccompanied, monophonic music for voices, non- metrical, not constructed in major/minor system (medieval mode), singing sacred texts. Divine office: detailed regulations in every aspect of activities for monks. 8 services articulating the day of study and work. Mass: most solemn service of lithurgy, public service. Mass ordinary: (kyrie, gloria, credo, sanctus, agnus dei) Church (medieval) modes: scales (a hierarchical and limited set of musical pitches) that served as the basis for harmonic language of medieval harmonic system. Responsorial performance: solo singer performs verses of the text and the choir and/or congregation an- swers verse with following verse or response or refrain. A chant sung after a reading in a church service.