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GENRESBarcarolle song traditionally sung by Venetian gondoliersBel canto a style of singing thaat brings out the sensuous beauty of the voiceCharacter piece a short Romantic piano piece that portrays a particular moodConcerto large composition for solo instrument and orchestraLied Romantic song with pianoMusikdrama Wagners name for his distinctive type of operaOpera Bouffa Italian comic operaPiano sonata chamber music in several movementsProgramme Symphony symphony with a program as by BerliozSong Cycle a group of songs connected by a general idea or story and sometimes also by musical unifying devicesSymphony a large orchestral piece in several movementsFORMSBinary form musical form having two different sectionsMarch a piece of music composed with a rhythmic manner similar to marchingMinuet dance in a popular triple meterRondo a musical form consisting of one main theme or tune alternating with other themes or sectionsScherzo a form developed by Beethoven from the minuet to use for movements i larger compositions later sometimes used alone as by ChopinSonata form a type of compositi
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