NUR1 311 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Human Parainfluenza Viruses, Exosphere, Commensalism

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Week 1: history role of nurses chain of infection. History of infection prevention: miasmic theory of disease transmission. Belief that infection was spread through smell or fumes. Spread through foul or rotten smell or poisonous vapour. Plague doctors wore long overcoats and beak masks first barriers in infection control. Miasmic theory connected poor sanitation to disease led to public health act in 1848-1858 (sanitary regulations: florence nightingale (british nurse) first nurse to practice infection prevention and control. Separated soldiers with infections with those without. Avoidance of cross-contamination and proper disposal of human and medical wastes. Ventilation of wards: antony van leeuwenhoek introduced first microscope to observe animalcules (now referred as. Observed from sputum, pond water, blood, semen, diarrheal stool. Note that he did not link them to disease: ignaz phillip semmelweis (hungarian obstetrician) implemented handwashing using chlorinated lime water before and after procedures reduced death and illness rate from 18% to 1%.

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