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11 Sep 2014

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Chapter 5: reviewing the ethical aspects of a nursing study. Unidirectional hypothesis (directional) there is relationship and expected direction of it! Bidirectional (non directional) - there is relationship, not every certain about expected direction. Experimental randomization, control group, manipulation of iv control of confounding. Quasi-experim no randomazation &/or no comparison group manipulation of iv limited control of iv. Pre-experimen - no randomization no comparison manipulation of iv limited control of confounding. Non- experim - no randomization no comparison no manipulation. Change in iv can solely attribute to change in dv. Control is by introducing control/comparison group ( can be no treatment, alternative treatment, placebo, standard method of care, delayed treatment) randomization makes two groups equal before start of experiment. Double blind approach is not feasible in most nursing research: basic design randomizing subjects to different groups and subsequently measuring dv. Pretest-posttest design-classical controlled experiment, golden standard, collect pre and post intervention data.