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NUR1 422
Antonia Arnaert

Chapter 1 Introducing ResearchIts Use in Nursing Prctice1 What type of evidence is considered most useful for informing nursing practicea collective clinical experiencec research findings from highquality studiesb traditiond expert advice2 What type of nursing practice would be considered evidencebaseda a practice that involves conducting researchb a practice that involves participation in a journal clubc a practice that uses research findings as a basis for decision making and nursing actionsd a practice that is rooted in the positivist paradigm3 What is the basic assumption of the positivist paradigma The events in the scientific world are unpredictablec All events in the natural world have antecedent causesb Reality is subjective and therefore not fixedd The natural world is not objectively knowable5 In which type of nursing research is identification a study purposea both quantitative and qualitative studiesc quantitative studiesb neither quantitative nor qualitative studiesd qualitative research 6 In which type of research is prediction and control a study purposea neither quantitative nor qualitative researchc quantitative researchb both quantitative and qualitative researchd qualitative research7 Which type of research is constrained by ethical considerationsa qualitative researchc both quantitative and qualitative researchb quantitative studiesd neither quantitative nor qualitative research8 What aspect of nursing research is the responsibility of all practicing nursesa conducting research on client outcomesb conducting studies on the characteristics of practicing nursesc conducting research on costeffective nursing in hospital settingsd keeping uptodate on research relevant to their practice 9 What does the quantitative approach in research attempt to eliminate a empirical evidenceb generalizabilityc systemizationd bias and subjectivity 12 In what paradigm do quantitative methods in research have their rootsa empiricismb naturalismc subjectivismd positivism Chapter 2 Comprehending Key Concepts in QualitativeQuantitative Research1 Which of the following is a tool used by quantitative researchers to enhance rigor and reduce biasa reliabilityb reflexivityc thick descriptiond randomness2 Which of the following expresses a relationshipa high levels of fatigue and depression are experienced by family caretakers of Alzheimers patientsb people who smoke have higher levels of absenteeism from work than people who do notc mechanically ventilated patients with a symptom of dyspnea experience difficulties weaningd infant mortality among children of lowincome women is relatively high 3 In a study entitled The effect of family members support on readmission rates to an inpatient substance abuse program which is the dependent variablea family members supportb substance abuse programc readmission ratesd inpatient 4 Which of the following is an operational definition of obesitya a condition characterized by excessive body fatb a condition that is a high priority topic for nurse researchers c a score greater than 30 on the Body Mass Index BMI d a condition that is associated with heightened risk of a variety of health problems 5 5 days is an example of a an independent variableb a dependent variablec an operational definitiond a datum6 In a quantitative study level of depression would bea the dependent variablec either the dependent or independent variableb the independent variabled not a variable 7 What is inductive reasoninga reasoning based on hunchesb reasoning that draws specific conclusions based on general principlesc reasoning based on a combination of authoritytraditiond reasoning that develops general conclusions based on specific observations 8 The term subject is used ina both quantitativequalitative researchc quantitative researchb qualitative researchd neither quantitative nor qualitative research 9 Which of the following terms is not used by both qualitative and quantitative researchers a data b theoryc conceptd informant10 The variable that needs to be controlled in a quantitative study in the a outcome variableb independent variablec extraneous variabled dependent variable 11 In a cause and effect relationship which is the independent variablea the outcome b the effectc the caused the relationship12 What are variables by definitiona independentb constantc dependentd changeable 13 Fieldwork always is undertaken ina study participants homesb collaborative researchc multisite researchd naturalistic settings14 Which of the following is not an aspect to consider in evaluating the strength of evidence in a qualitative studya trustworthinessb reliabilityc transferabilityd credibility 15 What is deductive reasoninga reasoning based on a combination of authoritytraditionb reasoning derived from trialerror experiencec reasoning that draws specific conclusions based generals principles d reasoning that draws generalizations based on specific observations 16 In a qualitative study entitled Parental adaptation to childhood leukemia which is the independent variablea adaptationc parentsb there is no independent variabled childhood leukemia
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