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NUR1 422
Antonia Arnaert

1Which type of research is constrained by ethical considerationsANeither quantitative nor qualitative researchBQuantitative researchCQualitative researchDBoth qualitative and quantitative2What is a basic assumption of positivist paradigmAThe natural world is not objectively knowableBReality is subjective and therefore not fixedCThe events in the scientific world are unpredictableDAll events in the natural world have antecedent causes3What is considered the current priority area for nursing researchAProblems relating to nurses professional identityBImprovements in patient care and patient outcomesCContent of nursing curriculaDStaffing and shortage problems4In a qualitative study entitled Parental adaptation to childhood leukemia which is the independent variableAChildhood leukemiaBAdaptationCParentsDThere is no independent variable5In a qualitative study level of depression would be ANot a variableBIndependent variableCDependent variableDEither dependent or independent6Which of the following is an operational definition of obesity
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