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nutr in society sept 30.odt

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Nutrition and Dietetics
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NUTR 403

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thNutrition and societyMonday sept 30 2013Politics of fat1988in 2002food politics bookcontroversial authorplagiarism between the two booksDevelopment of pyramid and school lunch same players in these same as in other programsPublic policyaction that gov takes to respond to some problem may be that gov puts law rules regulation for industry but there is identified prob and actions to achieve goal of gov to overcome probs4 diff kinds of policiesdistributivegood for societyrequire gov interventionset up to promote act that can be argued to be good for society as a wholewouldnt happen if gov ddnt intervenegov has public lands parcs permits for grazing animalsproduction of animal products for food etcgov needs to make access to use grants tooprice supportsredistributiveredistribute wealth properties etcfood assistance programs that take taxes and redistribute to less fortunate ppluse of commodities SLPregularityimpose conditions on private activities to happen regulate what can go into food as additives change individual behavioursimposing standardshaving labels on commodities rules about SLPpromotional techniqueswhat they do that wouldnt do otherwisefood guidepromotes certain behaviours nutrition education became part of SLP at some pt In US national school lunch act around WW2teaches kids acro
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